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Sykora Beat

Palma (Beata Zdražilová) + Drakh (Ľubomír Panák) (SK)

Sykora Beat is a collaborative project of two artist based in Bratislava – Beata
Zdrazilova and Drakh. Drummer Beata Zdrazilova built a setup on which she controlls image/ video with drums. Drakh is the author of a new application of this setup. He builds patch in procesing in which drummer controls the image based on Zdenek Sykora’s abstract paintings, which were first example of using computer in artistic praxis in former Czechoslovakia. The composition of the patterns was computed with a program on a LGP-30 computer. In contemporary performance, which is a remake of Sykora’s artistic process, firstly the drummer initiates the image – sets up the placement of initial elements. On second stage the final picture is genareted. Drummer then triggers rotation and resize of elements, color schema and recalculaion of image. In this stage drummer controls simple matrix sequencer controled by shapes – to each shape is attached one sound sampled from Experimental Studio of the Slovak Radio.

System constructed by Palma in which the drums operate the video-projection served this time as a tool to remake a piece by a Czechoslovakian computer-art pioneer HYPERLINK “ěk_Sýkora”Zdeněk Sýkora. Abstract, computer-generated structures from his paintings were re-generated in a medium of live visuals following a drum solo.

Organised in 2011 by: Atrakt Art, Multiplace