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Ondřej Merta, Václav Peloušek (CZ)

Hurikán BM516 is a collaborative audiovisual project of Ondřej Merta and Václav Peloušek
reflecting low-tech approach to make videosignals-connecting found old professional video-
equipment (Merta) vs. microchip based synthesizer approach (Peloušek) to make live
By their performance they remake the principles practised in the Kitchen studio where Woody Vasulka brought with him the experience of Czech DIY and transposed it in the context of early electronic art. Although their approach was that they were making experiments, they were often visited in their studio to show up their results. Merta with Pelousek actually work in similar way and by bringing our experiments to public we try to make the same shift.

Organised in 2011 by: Atrakt Art, Multiplace