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Drawing Machine

Václav Peloušek (CZ)

Dataflow from the Multiplace web-site was visualised by a Peloušek’s Drawing Machine 02, which gave tribute to Václav Jíra – one of the pioneers of Czech kinetic trash sculptures.

The remake project Drawing machine gives tribute to one of the pioneers of Czech kinetic trash sculptures – Václav Jíra. Jíra started making drawing machines and kinetic sound and light sculptures in early 1960s when influenced by New Realism, but worked in the Czech-region with strong DIY tradition. Trash yard was the source of material and inspiration for Jíras sculptures and paintings.

Since the look of common trash shifted from analogue mechanic devices(cars, washing machines) to digital devices nowadays (printers, computers), reusing them for artistic purposes logically implies the digital dimension which enables to react to the institutional framework of the new media networked festival.

In my remake project the drawing machine placed in the gallery space will drawing patterns which will react to data that would be transmitted through the Multiplace website. That shift of focus from reflection of physicality of painterly gesture to reflection of context in which art is exhibited is logically caused by the change of artistic paradigm.

Organised in 2011 by: Atrakt Art, Multiplace