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The Score /Partitura/

Jan Nálepa (CZ)

During the the Multiplace Festival 2011, there were several “remakes” presented in Enter
Gallery in Bratislava. One of these pieces, created specially for the festival, was The Score
by young Czech artist Jan Nálepa. The Score is an audio-visual spatial installation which
recycles works of art dealing with alternative graphical depiction of music composition.
Selected scores are digitized and transformed into sounds in the computer program, and then are both images and sounds distributed in the gallery space.

Partitura is an audio-visual instalation recycling graphic compositions, which purpose was to visually record sounds or music in different ways. These visual works are by return transferred to sound by a program developed exclusively for this installation. But it is not just this transfer that matters – the order, hierarchy, relations a composition in the space are also very important.

Organised in 2011 by: Atrakt Art, Multiplace