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Event Horizon

Ondřej Merta (CZ)

Installation event horizon is influenced by Nam June Paik’s closed circuit video installation “TV Buddha” by its visual aspects, but Buddha is replaced by another television as a commentary to todays adoration of television object. The installation is also closely related with early 90′s videoworks of polish artist Jozef Robakowski, who created closed circuit for generating live videos by everyday objects.
Event horizont is closed circuit video installation, traps inside all the visual information that even crosses the system. The picture captured by a camera from space between the camera and the first television is not stored in any memory but streamed through internet into the second television that is captured by another camera that streams its output into the first television. Every picture that passes the gate of this installation is becoming part of the loop. Ideologically the loop is endless and theoretically all the information should be still present. The curved surface of the televisions sets a little amount of distortion to the system and makes the picture to fall apart after some time. This situation strongly represents what in theoretical physics is called Informational Paradox on Event Horizon
and refers to Susskind-Hawking battle in which they had struggle if the information that reaches the horizon might disappear of is stored on the horizon. In this installation the answer to this question is also not obvious. Unstabillity of quantum space is represented by unstable data flow in which the delay of internet stream is constantly changing.
Jozef Robakowski created installations of his so called “machines”, which generated realtime abstract videos, that were also closed in the space of a gallery and were interactive with this space. This redefinition of space is the key link of reading the remake context.

Organised in 2011 by: Atrakt Art, Multiplace